Staging For Success: Less Is More

We’ve emphasized many times the importance of eliminating clutter when it comes to preparing a home for photography and ultimately for sale. Putting away a seller’s personal “stuff” and getting rid of anything that would distract from the neutral tone is always a good idea before scheduling a photographer or setting up a walk-through with a potential buyer.

Author Lindsay Cohen recently featured some “Minimalist Homes To Soothe The Soul” and frankly, we’re on board. If 2018 is indeed the “year of keeping things simple”, becoming a staging expert may be the ticket to winning more listings, and selling more houses.

Master Photographer Nate Koerner says a well-staged property is often designed “with aesthetics in mind, and with sight lines that compliment photo composition.” Most of the commercial properties that Nate photographs have been professionally designed to look and feel interesting, and that really compliments the photos he takes. He says, “It actually makes my job easier because I have such great subject matter to start with.”


Photo by Nate Koerner

Staging a residential property can make a big difference as well, especially if the property is vacant or if the seller’s furniture is outdated. Getting rid of the old, and adding a few pieces of modern furniture and some color accents can give buyers a visual of how to use the space and what it will be like to live there. And you’re bound to get some compliments on the design at the same time.

Photo by John Koliopoulos

As a photographer, it’s always fun to walk into a house that has been professionally staged, and take photos that really compliment the work of the interior designer that came before you. If this year’s trend really is “less is more”, we’re looking forward to it!