Perry & Co. Invites Customers in With Google Virtual Tours

Perry & Company Google Virtual Tour by Mediamax

You might not think of a real estate office as a good candidate for a Google Virtual Tour. What’s there to see? But Lorrie Grillo, vice president of marketing for Perry & Co., sees an invitation.

“You’re inviting somebody into your space. So, that’s what I like about the Google tour. It really says, `come on in.’”

Inviting people in is important for this independently owned company with deep local roots. Grillo sees it as a way to show people the company is “very consumer friendly.”

Frankly, “people are nervous about going into a real estate office,” she says, probably because “they think they’ll be accosted by a realtor.”

Grillo hopes to show that Perry’s offices aren’t hard sell but “a great place to go as a resource for information.”

But a Google Virtual Tour by Mediamax also boost SEO and showcases the company as “technologically forward” – she says. She ordered tours for both its store-front locations and its corporate office.

It’s part of a marketing mix that includes professional listing photography and a strong online presence.

“We want to make sure that everywhere people can find us, we look professional.”

Okay, and there is a “cool” factor, too. Grillo says she’d seen other Google tours and when I approached her she didn’t even think twice.

“I also think the price point is such, too, that these are things that we can try … without spending a whole lot of money,” she adds.

Google Virtual Tours by Mediamax appear in Google Maps, Google Search and on your Google + page. You can embed them on your website and link to them on social media. See how Perry & Co. embedded one of its tours here.

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View the Perry & Co. Google Virtual Tour by Mediamax here or click on the photo below:

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