Need new photos after your tour’s been shot? Order a reshoot

Need new photos after your tour’s been shot? Order a reshoot

Ever had this happen? You schedule a photo shoot for a new listing and everything’s looking great. And then it snows. If a snowy front exterior isn’t quite what you hoped for, do you have to order a whole new tour?

Nope. What you need is a reshoot.

We offer reshoots for situations just like this – and other circumstances where you’ve already invested in one round of photos and you find yourself needing a do-over. Reshoots cost less, too.

If an unexpected snow storm ruins your front main photo, you can order a reshoot just for that. We also offer a reshoot package for front and back exteriors.

We all know that listings can be works in progress. What if the house goes on the market before the sellers finish painting the bedrooms?

We’ve got a reshoot for that kind of thing, too. You can get a reshoot for all sorts of reasons, starting with a minimum of 15 photos. Reasons like

  • Renovations, major or minor
  • New paint
  • Décor update
  • Staging
  • Restaging
  • Season changes and home’s still on the market
  • Sellers are restless
  • You name it!

Reshoots for 1 or 2 exterior photos start at just $35 for standard photography (HDR starts at $65). Our minimum 15-photo reshoot, which happens to be our most popular, is just $59 for standard and $149 for HDR.

We’ll do our best to schedule the same photographer who took the originals for you, but even if that’s not possible, you know you can count on all our experienced pros to get you the photos you need with ease, speed and reliability.

So, the next time weather happens or something about a listing changes that you want documented, don’t despair and don’t feel you need to order a whole new tour, order a reshoot.

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