Meet John Koliopoulos: problem solver, patent holder, dedicated team player

John Koliopoulos, Mediamax Photographer

John Koliopoulos didn’t exactly take the direct route to becoming a real estate photographer. He has a degree in criminology. He has a few decades in high-tech to his credit – where we was, among other things, an analyst and a product manager for global services. Along the way he even acquired a couple of patents for a pair of mechanical devices.

But in the mid-2000s at the tender age of 58 – and after one layoff and another – he decided maybe it was a good time to figure out what he wanted to do “in the next chapter in my life.”

It was his daughter who pointed him in the right direction, noting he always was the one with the camera in his hand. Thinking it over, he realized architecture was a favorite subject.

“I was drawn more to that than people or pets and stuff. It was just something about that environment that I really liked.”

It was an easy jump from architecture in general to real estate in particular. John being John, he applied himself with gusto, completing a three-year online degree course at New York Institute of Photography.

He’s been a valued member of the Mediamax team since 2010 and will soon to earn a bump in title from Senior to Master Photographer. Always looking to add to his “toolbox,” he’s also become one of our Aerial Specialists.

Here’s a sample of John’s recent work:

“I’ve always been a technical problem solver,” he says. “What my wife has told me is that photography really is a blend of high-tech and creativity, and I seem to work well in both areas.”

But he’s also very in tune with the needs of his clients.

“I look at my agents as the hub of a wheel,” he says, and he sees himself as one of many spokes. “How I produce that photography, the quality of work, the craftsmanship I put into it is a reflection on the agent’s decision to delegate to me.”

Being able to present home sellers’ “pride of ownership” well is just as important.

“You’re trying to do the best job you can so that people are going to come to this particular house and want to place an offer on it,” he says.

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