HDR Photography: See the difference

Graphic shows what goes into creating an HDR image

You’ve heard of HDR. You may know it stands for High Dynamic Range but what does that mean? And what difference does it make?

HDR gives photographers a way to capture much more detail. Cameras, even the most powerful, can’t “see” as much light as the human eye. They miss the subtleties in both the shadows, the darkest areas of a photograph, and the highlights, the brightest areas. Worse, when a photographer exposes to keep some detail in the shadows, detail in the highlights gets lost and vice versa. The solution is HDR.

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To create one beautiful HDR image, the photographer takes at least three shots – one exposure each for the shadows, the highlights and the middle range, or mid-tones. In fact, it might take a dozen or more exposures to create the finished image. Here’s another example:

Jon Eady HDR graphic July 2013 640px









When all these shots are combined using special software, the result really is stunning. That’s because it’s so life-like, so much like what our eyes see.

Of course, for your buyers seeing really is believing. In our examples, the finished images by photographers Jeff Davis and Jon Eady are so rich with color and detail, they put your buyers right inside the room. There’s a real “wow factor” with HDR that ordinary stills just can’t touch.

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Go HDR and see the difference it makes in your sales.