Google Virtual Tour “Invaluable” for Concordia on the Lake

Google Virtual Tour "Invaluable" to Concordia on the Lake

A senior living community like Concordia on the Lake in Littleton probably isn’t the first business you’d think of as needing, let alone wanting, a Google Virtual Tour. But maybe you don’t know today’s seniors.

Nicki Geiger, marketing director, says it’s true that a few years ago they got few inquiries online but that’s changed. “We’re getting much more now, as people just become more tech savvy,” she says.

“We thought this is really a trend that we need to pay attention to.”

Concordia also boasts a very healthy waiting list. No need to market that heavily, right?

Not so, says Geiger. “We all recognize that we can’t just sit back and relax and figure that a waiting list is going to solve all of our vacancies.”

What’s more, as much as 40% of their inquiries come from out of town or out of state, so being able to offer people this unique way to see the community from afar, well, says Geiger, “it’s invaluable to us, really.”

“I mean, to be able to virtually walk into my building, do a 360-degree turn and look at everything … is so much more compelling than still photographs,” she says. “You actually really feel like you’re walking into my building when you come in the front doors.”

In addition to the Google Virtual Tour, Geiger also had us do an aerial video.

“We’re in the city but our community – when you see what it looks like, you don’t feel like you’re living in the city. That’s what the aerial captured – the beauty of the surroundings.”

I shot the Google Tour, in this case, and we tapped Dale Honning, our certified aerial specialist, for the Aerial Video.

So, how’d we do?

“They were very professional,” says Geiger, “very informative, kept me in the loop the entire time, let me watch what they were doing. I learned so much from them.”

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