Find Your Difference. Let Mediamax Create Your Google Virtual Tour

Let Mediamax Create Your Google Virtual Tour

One key question every business owner has to answer when it comes to marketing is “what makes your business different from your competitors?” In the immortal phrasing of 1950s ad man Rosser Reeves, what’s your unique selling proposition?

Or, to put it in 2014 lingo, what’s your difference?

One way to set your business apart from the rest is to offer a Google Virtual Tour by Mediamax. It lets you go beyond just telling people what’s different, unique and special about your company. With a Google Virtual Tour by Mediamax, you can show them.

Here’s a slide show of images from several recent Google Virtual Tours by Mediamax.

Based on Google’s powerful and highly popular Street View™ technology that you’ve probably seen on Google Maps, your Google Virtual Tour let’s your customers see inside your business.

Unlike other kinds of marketing, it’s available 24/7/365. It won’t get lost in the mail or overlooked in the newspaper. It appears where your prospective customers are most likely to be searching for information – in Google Search, Google Maps and on your Google+ page. It helps your SEO, while giving you a powerful way to catch and hold viewers’ attention. Think about it, which business are you more likely click on and to patronize – the one with plenty of information including a Google Virtual Tour or the one with nothing?

Mediamax is a Google Trusted Photographer. We’ve photographed a wide variety of businesses – from real estate offices to automotive repair shops, from retail stores to restaurants and bars. Most recently we’ve photographed all of Fuller Sotheby’s Colorado offices. We’ve also been doing a series of apartment complexes for leading commercial real estate developers in the Denver metro area.

In other words, whatever your business, we’re ready, willing and able create the Google Virtual Tour that helps you establish your difference in your customers’ minds. And we’ll create it with same professionalism and high level of customer care we’ve been known for since 2002.

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Find your difference and showcase it to the world. Order your Google Virtual Tour by Mediamax today.