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Dwight Cabalka is a civil engineer by training and has the P.E. (professional engineer) credentials to prove it. It’s only natural that when he got into real estate after years in engineering, manufacturing and sales, he did some research.

For listing marketing, “I liked what I saw in the Obeo product better,” he says.

And after looking at plenty of online listings by other agents, he deduced,

“You could definitely tell the caliber of the agent by the quality of the images and the presentation of the property, and those that used professional photographers — they were clearly head and shoulders above the other agents.”

That’s why he doesn’t DIY listing photos. He goes pro with Mediamax.

Cabalka is the driving force behind Team Cabalka at RE/MAX Professionals in Littleton.

He sees the Mediamax/Obeo combination as an important differentiator. When he does a listing presentation, he says he wants to make sure prospects understand “they aren’t going to get second-rate photographs, instead they’re going to get the best possible solution.”

In fact, Cabalka’s so committed to providing the best, he makes it known he’d look elsewhere if we weren’t meeting his exacting standards. Suffice to say, Mediamax/Obeo remains a key part of Team Cabalka after seven years and counting.

Mediamax Senior Photographer Jon Eady is his photographer of choice.

Eady and Mediamax/Obeo are part of Team Cabalka’s “Proven Partner” network.

“I think [Jon] has a great way of coming in, taking a look at a property and, based on his extensive experience, casting it in the best possible light,” Cabalka says.

Cabalka even features Eady’s photos in his website portfolio, and he’s especially pleased with Eady’s Twilight images, like the shot featured above.

“The clients that I’ve done that for, without hesitation, have been totally impressed with the caliber,” he says.

He’s looking forward to calling on Mediamax for more Twilights as he expands his luxury market reach.

No matter your market, count on Mediamax Photography Agency to provide you with the “best possible solution” for real estate photography. Order today.

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