Early Bird Jumps at Chance for Google Virtual Tour

Daniel Cofrades, co-owner of Early Bird Restaurant, describes himself as a risk taker. He skydives, skis, you name it. And he starts new restaurants. He’s lived and worked around the world. He speaks three languages. A trained chef, who started out studying architecture, he’s also worked in product development. So, how did he end up in Westminster?

It’s a long story, he says. Suffice it to say, its exactly where he wants to be – an affluent suburb that’s home to plenty of young professionals who are adventurous enough to try a new restaurant concept.

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Yet Cofrades wasn’t taking a big risk when he signed up for a Google Virtual Tour by Mediamax. In fact, he was responding to his wife and business partner Kristen. She’s also a chef and a biochemist. Instead of taking a leap when she does something, she dives into some research. Cofrades says he realizes plenty of people are like her – they want to “see inside,” in Google’s famous phrase, get to know a place before they go there. A Google Virtual Tour let’s them do just that. Click here to see how it works.

John Koliopoulos, Mediamax senior photographer, also is a good student. He’s had to study hard to master Google’s technical requirements.

Watching him shoot Early Bird Restaurant recently, I saw a consummate professional in action. He arrives fully prepared and has already thought through how he’ll proceed. He checks in with owner and staff, making sure he won’t be in their way. Despite distractions, he’s cheerful and patient, joking with passersby who wander by accident into the frame.

John is exactly what working with Mediamax is all about.

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Visit Early Bird Restaurant’s website here.