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Every realtor knows the listing presentation is where the rubber meets the road. Like all professionals in this business, I’m sure you know the presentation dos and don’ts. You do come prepared. You don’t come late. But is there something even the best presentation could be missing?

Craig Proctor, a nationally known real estate coach, offers this advice on winning presentations in a recent blog post: “Like a good book, a good presentation should have a beginning, middle and end.” In other words, “your presentation should tell a story.”

How you tell your story matters.

“Far more than a dry presentation of facts and figures,” Proctor continues, “your listing presentation should be compelling in a way that draws your prospect in emotionally.”

The best way I know to draw people in is by using imagery.

If your presentation is all words and no pictures, it’s missing a critical element. Photographs, videos, virtual tours – imagery reaches people when words can’t or don’t.

So, I’d go so far as to say, don’t just tell your story, show your story.

  • Show a slideshow of photos from your sold listings
  • Show a virtual tour
  • Show a video, whether it’s a video business card or a video tour

Don’t just tell your prospects how you’re going to market their home, show them. Use the power of imagery to make that emotional connection.

Of course, you need compelling photographs, video and more to show people and that’s where Mediamax Photography Agency comes in. We provide the exceptional visual imagery you need to turn prospects into clients and listings into sales. But don’t take our word for it. Let us show you. Contact Mediamax today.

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