Do your sellers know how important photography is?

Do Your Sellers Know How Important Photography is?

There’s a reason why your sellers didn’t go the for-sale-by-owner route. It’s the same reason they might turn to a financial planner for help mapping out the path to retirement. It’s also the reason anyone would go to a surgeon for a knee replacement. With some things there’s too much at stake to do it yourself.

“Chances are your home sellers know very little about marketing, much less about the best way to market their home,” writes Laura Ure in “How to Educate Your Home Sellers” on They knew they needed an expert, a marketing expert. That’s why they called you.

Ure’s advice is to “educate your sellers” from the get-go. They may not realize that an ad in the Sunday paper isn’t enough these days. Go over your marketing plans and help them understand what each element is for and why it’s important.

For instance, do your sellers know how important photography is? You live online and you’ve seen how the Internet is revolutionizing the home selling/buying process, but your sellers might not be so tapped in.

“Advise them that only fantastic photography can sell their home,” writes Ure. “With 92 percent of homebuyers using the Internet as a source of information (according to, good photography is critical.”

Educating your sellers is easy when you work with Mediamax Photography Agency, Colorado’s real estate photography experts. Since 2002 we’ve photographed close to 10,000 residential properties. Your sellers will appreciate knowing you work with the best, most experienced photographers in the business. Order today.