Go Immersive! August Special: $75 Off any of our 3D Tours!

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Matterport 3D Tours, right?  Maybe not.  Well, in February we added Matterport  to our arsenal of Immersive Tour offerings, that also includes our Interactive Immersive Tour and Google Business Tours.

Hey, whether you’ve heard of Matterport or not, if you’re looking for ways to take your listing marketing to another level you should definitely consider our Matterport or Interactive Immersive Tours.  Check out examples of our work on this Immersive Tour Example Page.  If you need a little incentive to raise the bar with your listing marketing then use this promo code GoImmersive to receive $75 off any immersive tour for the month of August (offer expires 8/31).

Matterport 3D tours feature a “dollhouse view” that gives viewers an overhead snapshot of the whole property.  Online buyers can explore the property room-to-room navigation that provides an amazingly realistic experience!  Click the image below to see for yourself.

Click the Full Screen View for the Best 3D Experience

Our Interactive Immersive tour is an equally interactive experience with a higher level of image brilliance; it’s shot with the same DSLR cameras used for our high quality still photography. What’s the difference and key benefit compared with Matterport?  Well, our Interactive Immersive Tour takes several hours less time to shoot and is less expensive per square foot. Check out an example below:

Click into Full Screen View for the Best 3D Experience

According to Master Photographer Jon Eady, “A 3D tour is the next best thing to being at the house. It really allows you to get a feel for how the rooms flow and interact with each other.”

Both the Matterport 3D tour and the Interactive Immersive tour incorporate feature tags or “hotspots”. When viewers click on these, they can view additional photos of the property, a floor plan, or more information about a room or feature. They are fully customizable. Jon says, “This is a cool way to add another level of information and experience to touring a home, while keeping it interesting and fun”. 

Jon compares the 3D tours to an “online brochure” for a listing. These tours put all of the information right where you need it and give you a fully comprehensive view of what you’re getting with the property. He says, “With still photos, you kindof get an idea of how a house fits together but with a 3D tour, you know”.