At Mediamax, we take the team approach to real estate photography

At Mediamax, we take the team approach to real estate photography

Mediamax isn’t just another real estate photography company and here’s how you can tell. We take the team approach. I talked about this in a previous post – how our team advantage means more coverage in the areas you sell in and that means you get your photos quicker and easier.

But it’s more than just maps and numbers to us. Because we take the team approach, we put people first. In fact, if you ask us, we’re in the business of satisfying people, not the photography business. That’s why customer service – along with photographer quality of life – is as important to us as photo quality. We’re in this to build relationships and deliver tangible results.

Because we’re a team, we get together from time to time, to talk about what we’re doing and how, swap tips on technique, plan for the future. On a recent Friday, we did some brainstorming around mission and vision. Here’s one thing I heard in the discussion: we really care about what we’re doing.

We care about doing a great job. We care about our reputation and about being dependable.

“Creativity” came up often and “art” and the “wow factor” we feel when creativity comes together with technology and, boom, there’s the photo we were aiming for. But we all agreed our creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s got to communicate something to somebody. It’s got to “generate an emotional/visceral response” in others. Because we’re real estate photographers, our photos must “tell the story” of a home. They’ve got to “put buyers in the home” so they “feel like they’re there.” It’s our job to showcase “the features of a home” and help buyers see what’s unique and special about it.

In other words, “satisfaction” is important to us. We can’t satisfy ourselves if we don’t satisfy our clients – that’s you – and your clients.

There are lots of companies out there doing real estate photography. But if you want the advantages of a team on your side, a team that cares about satisfying you as much as delivering high-quality photos, then you want the company that takes the team approach. You want Mediamax.