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Every realtor at the top of their game uses professional photography. In a competitive market, no top seller in this business sets out to sell a home or win a listing without high-quality images.

I’ve heard this time and again from Colorado’s top producers. Read their stories here.

Which begs the question, if professional photos are today’s industry best practice, how do you gain an edge?

One way is to step up to HDR photography.

Handcrafted HDR photography by Mediamax really ups the ante in terms of detail and clarity. Colors are richer, more realistic. You can see through the windows. You really feel like you’re there.

Put it this way, if standard photography is a good scotch, HDR is single malt. It’s just that much better.

There’s nothing wrong with the standard photos, but the HDR photos are simply stunning.

When buyers are sifting through a zillion listing photos online, which ones will stop them in their tracks, make them look? I think you’ll agree it’s the HDRs.

For more on how HDRs are done, click here. The important thing to know is HDR, aka “high dynamic range,” photography takes considerable expertise and effort to do well. Mediamax photographers take multiple images at various exposures to create one finished HDR image. Getting it right takes precision and time. That’s why we call it “handcrafted.” Putting them together is indeed a craft, and an art.

You can easily add Handcrafted HDR™ photos to your Mediamax and Obeo tours. We also offer tour packages of 20, 25 and 35 HDR images. If you’re looking to edge out your competition, think Handcrafted HDR™ photography by Mediamax.

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