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You’ve probably seen listings online that include the use of aerial photography, or perhaps used it yourself on a listing here and there. But you may still be wondering what listings benefit the most from this unique viewpoint.

The short answer is that any listing can benefit from using aerial photography for one simple reason. Most listing you will see online feature photos taken from the ground level. According to Mediamax Photographer John Koliopoulos, “aerial photographs invoke an emotional response that you wouldn’t get from a traditional photograph, simply because it is different from the angles and viewpoints viewers are used to looking at.” Anything that causes a buyer to take notice increases the chances they will want to schedule a showing.

There are times when using aerial photography is a must. Aerial photography is great for showing the expansiveness of a property and giving viewers a frame of reference on the size or layout of a building or property, like in the examples below.

However, there is a misconception that aerial photography should be used only in these situations and that is not the case.  Many agents are missing the opportunity to really highlight some of the major selling points of the home when opting for ground photos only. Take a look at this property John shot below. As you’ll see, this first photograph is a great representation of the home, but in the second view, John used the aerial photography to show proximity to the Flatirons rock formations, and create a breathtaking photograph that catches the attention of viewers online.

While it is ideal for showing the layout of a property, John stresses that your biggest advantage with aerial photography is the out of the ordinary perspective it gives you. He says shooting aerial photos “puts the property in it’s best light without the limitations of shooting from the ground.” In other words, it makes your ideal photograph a reality.

If you’re looking for a way to catch the attention of viewers online, aerial photography just may be the answer. For details on ordering aerial photography and video, visit our website here.

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