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You don’t need to be a psychologist to understand the emotional impact from high quality visual content used to attract online buyers.  In fact, 50% of every buying decision is driven by emotion.  And, visual content for real estate listing marketing goes way beyond still photography; today’s real estate professional needs an arsenal of visual content tools to win listings and attract qualified buyers.  Visual content in today’s real estate world includes 3D Immersive Tours, aerial photography & video, interactive floor plans and online brochures all packaged within a single property website.

Location, condition, price and property descriptions play a significant role in online shopping behavior – but the quality of your listing photography can be the difference between a shopper clicking on your listing or scrolling past it to view another home.  I like to suggest the emotional attachment experienced within minutes of viewing a home online does not diminish; that initial emotional attachment grows stronger as buyers fight to win the typical bidding war in Denver’s hot real estate market!

The Value of Visual Marketing

Before we can understand the impact of professional visual content on conversion rates and returns at the closing table, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of why humans often prefer a “visual-first” shopping environment.  According to this report, the human mind reacts differently to visual stimuli because “the human brain deciphers image elements instantly”.  On the flip side – language is “decoded in a linear, sequential manner”.  In simple terms, what this means is that it takes most humans a longer period of time to process words than images.

With homes flying off the market it’s tempting to save a few bucks and take your own photos with a cell phone or point-n-shoot camera.  Unfortunately, many agents continue making this huge mistake!!  A true real estate professional with a long-term strategy understands that professional visual content in a hot market isn’t necessarily used to sell the listing.  Agents investing in professional visual content understand the professional photography, virtual tours, floor plans and videos produced for a listing represents their personal brand!  Professional online visual content elevates your personal brand and professional reputation delivering buyer and seller inquiries for many years after the sale of an individual listing.

Final Takeaways

For real estate professionals who want to stay competitive investing in high quality visual content is no longer an option – it’s a necessity!  It is more important now than ever before to invest in quality photography, 3D immersive tours, video and other visual content to separate yourself from your many competitors.

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