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Mediamax is a local Colorado company ready to help market your residential or commercial property with stunning visual content!


Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


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Do you have to be a script writer to do video?

Of all the obstacles to doing video, the stickiest probably is script writing. Even when you realize video doesn’t cost...
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11 Ways to Get More From Your Virtual Tours

Your virtual tour could be working harder for you.  As nice as it would be to just “set it and...
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Real Estate Photography Report Confirms Common Sense – Quality Pictures Sell Homes!

Do you really need a report to confirm what your common sense tells you is true?   Well, judging from...
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To Show You’re in the Know, Go Hyper Local

“Consumers aren’t just looking for signs that you’re `in’ the business. They want to know you `know’ the business,” writes...
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Mediamax Gives Roger Evans “Pictures That Pop”

You don’t have to explain the importance of “team” to Roger Evans. He and wife Jeri have been a powerhouse...
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At Everbean, It’s Coffee, Elk and a Google Virtual Tour

On the website for Everbean by the Lake, a coffee shop in Evergreen, you’ll find photographs of the food, gift...
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How to Choose the Best Videographer for Your Video

I’m sure the idea of doing video has crossed your mind and if you've been reading up on the subject,...
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Secret’s Out: Tuscany Tavern Gets Google Virtual Tour

Tuscany Tavern in Evergreen is one of those gems the locals take their out-of-town guests to. It’s a place that’s...
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Video Helps Seth Jenson Set Himself Apart

Seth Jenson already is a stand out in a crowded field. He was top agent for transactions at Cherry Creek...
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Does Your Listing Presentation Have This Key Element?

Every realtor knows the listing presentation is where the rubber meets the road. Like all professionals in this business, I’m...
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Early Bird Jumps at Chance for Google Virtual Tour

Daniel Cofrades, co-owner of Early Bird Restaurant, describes himself as a risk taker. He skydives, skis, you name it. And...
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Are you missing the huge opportunities video offers?

Video is the next new wave. Youtube is the most visited site on the Internet. If you’re not doing video,...
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