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I’m absolutely astonished at how far we’ve come! Eleven years ago I sat at the dining room table of our Lakewood home and announced to my wife “Remember this day!”  It was to the first day of business for Mediamax and I honestly had no idea if my new venture would truly take off, but I had a gut feeling and no fear about the journey I was about to take.

That was March 8th 2002 and I was online buying the very first digital camera that launched me and Mediamax into the world of real estate photography, virtual tours and real estate marketing.   I didn’t know it at the time, but my timing for launching Mediamax couldn’t have been better.  Virtual Tour technology, the Internet and digital photography were changing the way real estate agents marketed their listings.  All three technologies were converging to create the perfect environment to launch Mediamax as Colorado’s exclusive 360House.com (now Obeo) distributor.   Not to mention, the company that literally invented virtual tour technology (iPix, formerly Bamboo.com), and was pretty much the only provider of virtual tours for real estate, was going through a difficult time as they tried to manage a network of US photographers from a call center in Toronto Canada.  There was a very real opportunity for a small, locally owned company like Mediamax to jump in and provide a much higher quality of service with local support.  And that’s how Mediamax was formed.

As Mediamax approaches it’s 11th anniversary, and we launch this new website, I’m truly excited to introduce a wider variety of services that I hope in the next 11 years will establish our identity as a world class provider of stunning visual content distributed across the web to help our clients better market and sell their products and services.

So, what can you expect from this blog?   Well, if you’re in real estate, own a small business owners and visual content artists (photographers & videographers).  The blog category list to the right will give you a good idea of what to expect.  I plan to focus on topics that will help our real estate and business clients better use our photography and video content to market their listings or businesses.  For photographers and videographers, I’d like to share ideas, techniques and personal insight that will contribute to the craft of photography and video production.

Thanks for taking time to visit.

~Mark Schow

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