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If the kitchen sells the house, what about the bedrooms? In a previous post I talked about how important professional kitchen photos are to making that great first impression online. But what about the rest of the house?

When you pique buyers’ interest with the kitchen, you don’t want to turn them off elsewhere. All your photos need to be up to the same standard. They should catch and hold interest. They should help build on that favorable first impression.

Second only to bathrooms, bedrooms can pose the biggest challenge to showcasing the whole home in its best possible light. You can see what I mean in this post from my “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” series.

Here are 6 ways to get better photos of bedrooms for your listings:

  1. Declutter. Bedrooms are intimate, private spaces. Remove everything that might distract or detract. Make it possible for buyers to see the space and imagine making it their own.
  2. Depersonalize. Home buyers, whether viewing photos online or in person at a showing, want to get to know the home, not the home owner. Reduce the sense buyers might have that they’re invading your privacy by removing personal items, kids’ toys, even family photos. Think “show home” not “my home.”
  3. Stage. A professional stager knows just what to remove and how to add those special touches to make private spaces like bedrooms appealing.
  4. Refresh the bedding. I’ve actually seen this: the room looks great but the bed distracts in photos because of ugly, old or tired bedding. Yes, buyers can “look past” such things. But why should they have to? For less than $100 you can brighten the whole room with a new spread or bed ensemble. At the least, make sure beds are neatly made and the bedding is spotless. Oh, and be sure to stow that favorite but moth-eaten old throw Fido sleeps on.
  5. Change out all the light bulbs. Sounds funny, but great lighting is key to great photographs. You’ll make your photographer’s job a lot easier if all the bulbs in the room are the same kind and they’re all working.
  6. Always hire a professional photographer. What’s true for the kitchen is true for every room in the house, including the bedrooms. To ensure you get the best composition, the best lighting, the crispest clarity, work with a pro who knows real estate photography.

Even a modest bedroom can look great when you follow these tips and make Mediamax your go-to pros for real estate photography. Order today.

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