Winning listing presentations: what’s in your trophy case?

Winning Listing Presentations: What's in Your Trophy Case?

Like every real estate agent, every listing presentation is unique – or should be. It should reflect your special skills. It should demonstrate to sellers your unique abilities, your expertise and what makes your approach different from every other agent’s. Of course, you also should tailor your message to sellers’ particular needs. In essence, your pitch is “here’s why I’m the best real estate agent for you. Bar none.”

What’s in your presentation? A market analysis certainly is a critical component. Sellers look to you for a read on what’s happening out there and how their home compares to the competition. They want to know price. They want to know how long it’s going to take. Then comes the big question – how are you going to market our home?

This is your moment to shine. Because besides being an expert on market conditions and contracts and everything else you are, you are a marketing expert. You’ve got a trophy case stuffed full of marketing successes and it’s time for the big reveal.

What’s in your trophy case?

Let’s pause for a moment of silence for the agents who are still taking their own listing photos. Can you imagine, at this critical juncture, trotting out a slideshow of over- or under-exposed, badly composed snap shots that do insult, if not injury, to even the most modest home? Or brochures featuring same? (See “What’s Wrong with This Picture?” blog series here.)

Your listing presentation can’t close the deal with bad photos. This is your one chance to show beyond a doubt why you’re the best agent for the job. This is no time to wing it.

Winning listing presentations have a trophy case full of beautiful, professional images. Everything you show should be a trophy – a success story – and nothing less. Whether it’s virtual tours, brochures, fliers, or whatever, your trophy case should demonstrate 1) you’re a marketing professional and 2) your marketing efforts get results.

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