We take the guess work out of luxury marketing

Twilight photo by Mediamax's Jeff Davis for Terry Maze

Luxury marketing experts may differ on favorite techniques, but they all agree your marketing should be commensurate with the value, including the perceived value, of the home.

As I noted in a previous post, luxury homes aren’t mass-produced. They are custom-designed and custom-built. Luxury sellers expect a marketing effort that reflects their home’s uniqueness. If they have cabinetry handcrafted in some exotic wood, they want to see that beautifully highlighted in your presentation of the home, online as well as off.

But where do you start? What should your luxury marketing effort include?

We take the guess work out of luxury marketing with photography packages designed specifically for high-end properties.

For homes of 4,000 square feet+ and priced at $400,000+, start with our Luxury Home Package with 25 HDR and 4 Twilight images. The HDR photos supercharge your visual presentation. But the Twilights simply are a must for signaling to buyers that the home is something special.

For larger homes in the 5,000 square feet+/$700,000+ range, we recommend our Luxury Estate Package. With 35 HDR and 6 Twilight photographs, you get more images to cover more unique features.

Or, step up to our Luxury Estate Package with Aerial. Adding Aerial Photography helps you showcase the home’s unique setting and grounds, out buildings and backdrop.

And for those beyond-special properties, we recommend adding video to any of our luxury estate packages.

“Selling a luxury home requires creating an image that engages buyers,” says Bryan Robertson, a California luxury agent quoted on Workingre.com.

Engaging the luxury buyer means telling a visual story that, again, shows the home’s uniqueness. This is a status purchase, after all, so it’s about more than four walls and a place to park the car. Your marketing should convey that.

When you need visual imagery that impresses sellers and engages buyers, call on Mediamax. With one-click, easy ordering and packages designed for high-end homes, we take the guess work out of luxury marketing.