Want to Please Your Sellers? Do What Kathleen Spano Did

One of the easiest ways to please your sellers is to showcase their home with great photos by Mediamax.

Here’s what Kathleen Spano’s sellers said recently about one of our master photographers: “Melissa Jo Stoffle is a gifted artist, as well as professional. Exceptional use of light and angle. Thank you for making her part of the team.”

Selling a home really is a team effort. Our job is to make sure you get listing photos that please your sellers as much as they capture buyers’ attention online.

Kathleen Spano, broker associate with Wright Kingdom Real Estate in Boulder, got her start in real estate working hands on with first-time homebuyers back in 1980. She’s worked with many photographers, so when she gives a thumb’s up to one of ours, it’s worth noting.

“Melissa is very friendly. She always keeps in touch. If she’s going to run a few minutes late, she always lets you know right away. I like the way she works.”

Spano also appreciates Melissa’s willingness to pitch in.

“If she sees something that’s out of order or needs to be moved or whatever, she does that,” Spano says. “She’s just very helpful. She’s a nice person.”

Like her sellers, Spano also was very happy with Melissa’s photos. Happier still when her listing drew multiple offers and went under contract in two days.

Are photos important?

“Extremely important,” Spano says. “You’ve got to have a lot of photos and they’ve got to be good photos. Otherwise, you’re not going to get showings and your sellers aren’t going to be happy and you’re not going to sell the home.”

If it’s important to you to please your sellers and sell their home, make sure you work with the professionals at Mediamax. Order today.