Tupper Briggs: Professional photographs make the difference

Photo by Mediamax's Matt Swinden shows what professional photography can do for your listing

Does it really matter who takes your listing photographs?

“We use a professional photographer on every single listing that we have,” says Tupper Briggs of Evergreen-based Tupper’s Team.

Other realtors call his office because their client saw a listing online. “If our listings weren’t appealing, we’d probably lose quite a few of those potential clients,” he says. It’s “really important to have the photography be the best it can be.”

Briggs has used Mediamax Photography Agency for more than a decade.

After 41 years in the real estate business, all but three in Evergreen, Briggs has the long view. He remembers when agents took their own polaroids for the printed Multilist. Realtors were “the gatekeepers.” All photos had to be was “crisp” to show well in black and white.

“The idea was just to have something in the Multilist so people would recognize the property when they drove up to it.”

Now, of course, buyers do their own searching online. Photographs are critical.

“If people don’t like what they see, they’ll just click to the next house,” he says. 

Matt Swinden, Mediamax Senior Photographer, has worked with Tupper’s Team for several years. Briggs calls his work “magazine-cover quality.”

“His photography skills are excellent, but over the long haul it’s his people skills that have really endeared him to us because he’s very good with our clients.”

That sums up the Mediamax difference very well. If you’re looking for high-quality photographs plus exceptional customer service, contact us today.

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