Tips For Attracting Renters This Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, so does the need for vacation houses and rentals, as visitors flock to Colorado’s picturesque towns and cities.  If you’re trying to secure bookings on your bed and breakfast or vacation rental, here are some tips.

It’s important to focus on why vacationers choose Colorado in the first place. You definitely want to advertise the beautiful Colorado views, the tranquil settings, and the proximity to outdoor activities.

How about a freshly made breakfast or fluffy towels right out of the dryer? A fire in a fire place is also a perfect way to entice potential renters.  Also, make sure your online pictures highlight your new beds, if you have them. The bed is on the top of the list for those looking for their perfect vacation spot. Most people who book online don’t want to take chances with old creaky beds that will leave them with back pain in the morning. 

Don’t forget to photograph the additional amenities that will enhance each visitor’s experience. A  hot tub (that works!), a gym, or a full kitchen are all worth including. Additional common areas like a recently updated lobby are awesome too. These might just put your listing over the top for those seeking some rest and relaxation.

You also want to make sure your rentals are clean and neat, and that your pictures reflect that. When visitors check into a room for the night (even if it is a bed and breakfast), they want to feel like it is their own vacation spot. So clean out the closets and remove those few items you’ve been too lazy to remove. If it doesn’t benefit the visitor, it should go.

Most importantly, never under-value the importance of telling a story with your online listing. If the rental is close to shopping, skiing or other unique to Colorado activities, take the time to grab photos of those. Your renters won’t be left wondering and will, without a doubt, walk away with a positive experience.