Secret’s Out: Tuscany Tavern Gets Google Virtual Tour

Tuscany Tavern

Tuscany Tavern in Evergreen is one of those gems the locals take their out-of-town guests to. It’s a place that’s special enough for special occasions and cozy enough when you’re too tired to cook. So, it’s a fair question why Tuscany would even need a Google Virtual Tour.

Well, put it this way, even best-kept secrets don’t really want to be secret. Anyway, why should locals have all the fun?

A Google Virtual Tour by Mediamax lets everyone “see inside” your business any time, from anywhere. Your tour shows up on Google Search, Google Maps and Google +, increasing your business’ “findability” and SEO. The tour is interactive, so it brings your place to life in a way that ordinary still photography or mere verbal description just can’t match.

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I admit I had an “in” when I approached Rick Egloff and Peg Schroeder about doing a Google Virtual Tour. Peg, of course, is a good friend and broker associate with Tupper’s Team in Evergreen. She’s kind enough to say she respects my work, my service and what I do.

But I’m not just pitching the sale when I say Tuscany is exactly the kind of place that can benefit from a Google Virtual Tour. Seeing it virtually you can almost smell the authentic Italian cuisine and hear the glasses clinking as you cozy up to that rustic bar.

Egloff and Schroeder opened Tuscany back in 2000 and most of their advertising has been word of mouth and through community involvement, such as donating to local fundraisers. This marks the first time they’ve done any Internet marketing.

Egloff says he hopes it will “generate some new interest and clients.”

If you’re ready to introduce some new customers to your business, let’s talk about how easy it is to put a Google Virtual Tour by Mediamax to work for you 24/7/365.

Visit Tuscany Tavern’s website here.