Real Estate Photography Report Confirms Common Sense – Quality Pictures Sell Homes!

Do you really need a report to confirm what your common sense tells you is true?   Well, judging from the relatively low percentage of real estate listings that continue to go on the market with poor quality photos, I guess any reports that actually quantifies the impact of professional photography on sales are worth sharing!

Ask just about anyone on the street if pictures help them make buying decisions and I’ll guarantee 99.9% will give you a curious look as they answer, “Well of course I’d prefer to see a picture of the product I’m buying!”   For anyone still not sure if this applies to real estate, Redfin recently published one of the better reports that actually quantifies how professional photography helps listings sell faster and for more money.

For those of you who like to see numbers, charts and graphs to confirm what your common sense tells you is true, I thought it would be worth listing some of best reports I’ve gathered over the years that actually quantify the impact of photography on listing sale prices and days on market.

Click the links below and check out five great stories all focused on the impact professional photography has on home buyers:

So, do you have an example of how professional photography helped sell your listing?

Comment below or drop me a note, so I can tell your story in a future blog post. 

So, What Does a Perfect Listing Look Like?  Watch the video below . . .