Mediamax Virtual Tours can help you set yourself apart. Here’s how

Mediamax Virtual Tours help you set yourself apart. Here's how

For successful marketing, you need to set yourself apart. This is what brand is all about. Your brand helps people distinguish you from all the other real estate agents out there. One of the best ways to brand yourself is with a visual – a logo, a look, something that say’s “YOU” at a glance. It should be something that’s both instantly recognizable and, of course, memorable.

But branding doesn’t do much for you if it’s hit and miss. Your brand should be on everything you do, and I mean EVERYTHING, including your virtual tours.

Mediamax Virtual Tours can help you set yourself apart. With Mediamax Virtual Tours, you can market yourself and your brand, while also marketing your listings. Here’s how.

First of all, I recommend you personalize your tours by having us adding your photo and logo to your account. You’ll also want to add a headline, subhead and description to every tour, so each one has your personal touch. Learn how to personalize Mediamax Virtual Tours here.

You can take branding a step farther by letting us customize your Mediamax Virtual Tour for you. For instance, instead of our default black background, we can use your signature (brand) color so all your tours can be instantly recognizable as yours. Here are some examples:

Customize Your Mediamax Virtual Tour Example 1

Mediamax Virtual Tour: Red background

Mediamax Virtual Tour: Brown background

Mediamax Virtual Tour: Brown background

Mediamax Virtual Tour: Gold background

Mediamax Virtual Tour: Gold background

We also have a variety of design templates, so instead of our default design, you can choose one that better suits your brand. We can customize that as well. For instance if you’d like viewers to see thumbnails, here’s a design template that offers that capability.

Mediamax Virtual Tour alternative design template

Alternative design template example

Don’t blend in. Set yourself apart. Make sure your virtual tours do marketing work for you. Contact us about customizing your Mediamax Virtual Tour today.