Mediamax Aerial Video – not just for real estate listings anymore

Screenshot from a recent aerial video by Mediamax

The next time you pass one of the Denver Metro’s many construction sites, look up. You might see our one of our quadcopters at work.

Mediamax is doing “construction progression reports” using aerial video for a builder working a large residential in-fill project on the west side of town. Certified Aerial Specialist Dale Honning will be shooting a series of these videos over the next several months. See him in our video on Aerial here.

Honning says his task is to provide “a good broad overview of the property” while saving the builder’s team travel time to and from the site.

Honning says it takes some flight planning to get all the footage he needs. He has to plan for how high to fly the quadcopter, as well as decide how much he’ll have to guide it back and forth the length of the property. He says he also tries to capture certain areas from more than one angle.

Though these videos are planned mainly for internal use, Honning says he wanted to “try to create some interest,” so they could be used for marketing, say, or for investor information, as well.

“The nice thing about these videos is that, as you view them, you can actually pause and zoom in, and see a certain area in a little more detail – which you can’t do with a lot of other video types,” he notes.

Before quadcopters, builders like this would have had to hire a helicopter or a plane and you can imagine what that might cost. Quadcopter aerial offers a “huge cost advantage,” he says.

“There’s a fair amount of danger involved with flying a helicopter at that altitude,” Honning adds. Quadcopters can fly much lower than manned aerial vehicles, of course. They’re a lot quieter and less disruptive, too.

“I think it’s a natural use for people that’s going to be really valuable for them as a time saver,” Honning says.

Honning may not be shooting video for real estate listings in this case, but quality is still important.

“We’re using all cutting-edge, high-quality equipment,” Honning says, “so we get the best shots and the high-resolution shots that are mandatory for today’s marketing.”

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