Kelly Nichols: To Look Good Online, It’s Gotta be HDR

HDR Photography by Jon Eady for RE/MAX's Kelly Nichols

“I always tell people, if you want somebody to date you, you better look good online.”

Kelly Nichols with RE/MAX Professionals in Littleton is, of course, talking about selling homes, not matters of the heart. But the metaphor is apt. When you’re trying to attract interest online, presentation is everything.

For Nichols, the best way to “look good online” is with HDR photography by Mediamax. We featured her and one of her listings in our video showcasing our HDR process and Master Photographer Jon Eady.

“I always order HDR because it has that crispness to it, it has the detail to it and that really translates well in my brochures, my photos and then extremely well online, and that’s where most people’s searches start.”

Nichols says she represents homes across the board and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a 1-bedroom/1-bath condo or a luxury property, it’s gotta be HDR.

“It actually draws more people in to see the home than normal, just regular flash photography would, so it has a very high impact.”

She’s seen that impact firsthand when she’s taken over listings that haven’t sold. With HDR photos, “they start getting showings immediately” – because “the photos are such high quality,” she says.

Jon Eady is one of the best photographers I’ve ever worked with. He is phenomenal at what he does. He knows his stuff and he can capture a room like nobody else can,” she says. “It makes my job a lot easier for me.”

Want to look good online? Order HDR photography by Mediamax today.