How to Choose the Best Videographer for Your Video

Mediamax Videographer Dan Knudson

I’m sure the idea of doing video has crossed your mind and if you’ve been reading up on the subject, you’ve probably run across stunning statistics like these:

YouTube gets 3 billion views a day.

Only 4 percent of realtors have YouTube channels.

And here’s another statistic to ponder – on average visitors to websites stay for 48 seconds. But visitors to websites with video stay for nearly 6 minutes.

“Videos make your home page stickier by keeping the visitors engaged for longer periods of time,” notes Stephanie Hahn at REALTORMag.

But how do you make sure you get video people will actually watch?

As with photography, great video starts with a professional videographer. Here’s how to make sure you hire the right one:

1) Look at their body of work and experience – is it quality work?

2) Do they have experience doing the kind of videos you’re looking for?

3) How well do they tell the story with video? Are you engaged by what you see? Does it draw you in?

4) Pay attention to key things like whether they’re creating interest with camera movement or scene change but specifics of equipment don’t matter as much as storytelling.

5) Don’t be dazzled by tricks and effects. The story they tell with video should stand on its own.

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When you choose a videographer, I hope you’ll stick with someone you know and trust. Order your professionally produced video by Mediamax today.