How Mediamax Captures Your Listings In Stunning Detail

Here at Mediamax we are experts at capturing spaces large and small, and our goal is to show each space with a unique vision and style.  With listing photography, representing the square footage is definitely high on the priority list, but capturing the details is just as important.

Recently, Mediamax photographer John Koliopoulos had a unique opportunity. He was shooting a bathroom that had a stunning custom countertop in it. John used the HDR photography technique to capture a close up shot of the countertop, allowing him to show off every detail. The result was a beautiful representation of this major selling point of the home.


Mediamax photographer Andy Gould photographed this next home in Castle Pines by getting closer and focusing attention on each exterior feature that made the setting so extraordinary.  


On the interior of the same home, Andy used HDR photography to incorporate the custom ceilings into this photo of the dining area, giving viewers a true illustration of this gorgeous retreat.


Our photographers take great care in photographing your listings and in working with you to highlight those areas of the home that make each property so special.  To view more examples of work from our very talented photographers, click here.