Google Virtual Tour “awesome,” says salon owner

Salon TAO

Words like “fun” and “colorful” often come up in descriptions of Salon TAO in Broomfield, and, according to the website it’s “not just the hair.” Owner Tracy Owen says it’s “a salon that’s not just a salon. … We’re more like a family.”

TAO (pronounced tay-o) actually stands for Owen’s initials (A is for Ann) but also playfully links the business to Eastern traditions like the Tao. The company’s logo is a lotus flower. At Salon TAO, Owen and 13 stylists celebrate the artistic side of hair, skin and nails for clients from 5 years to 85.

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“We like to keep up on the trends of what’s going on,” Owen says – for fashion as well as technology.

That’s one reason she signed up for a Google Virtual Tour by Mediamax. “I feel like that’s what people want now.”

Maybe 50% of her clients come by word of mouth, but the rest find Salon TAO by searching online.

“People want to see what you’re all about,” she says.

A Google Virtual Tour by Mediamax makes that possible 24/7/365. Click here for up to $100 off your order.

“I think that’s what’s so cool about it – we can say who we are but when you do the virtual tour, they can see who we are, too.”

Medimax Senior Photographer John Koliopoulos shot Salon TAO’s tour.

“He was very professional about what he did and how he did it,” Owen says, and she’s very pleased.

“I love it. I like to brag about the virtual tour. It’s just so awesome.”

Visit Salon TAO’s website, click here.