Don’t click it off: 8 must-have qualities your video needs to get seen

Don’t click it off: 8 must-have qualities your video needs to get seen

Guest blog: here’s the first in a series of posts on video production from Mediamax Supervising Producer Emily Langner.

How many times have you clicked on a video hoping to gather some information and become more informed. You want something quick and easy – “oh great,” you’re thinking, “I don’t have to read!” Instead, 30 seconds into a 5-minute ramble, you get bored and click it off.

Of course, boredom’s not the only way to drive away viewers. There’s also

  • Audio so bad viewers can’t hear what you’re saying
  • Shaky camera work that makes them dizzy watching it
  • Imagery so dark they can’t see what you’re talking about

Any or all of these factors can make people click it off. Of course, when somebody clicks off your video, they’re more likely to click on somebody else’s website. That’s not what you want.

What you want is video that people watch from beginning to end, video that wins you more business.

Let’s face it, there are so many ways to do video badly. Creating high-quality video takes time and effort. Can you afford to DIY video that nobody watches?

Here are 8 must-have qualities your video needs to get seen:

  1. Energy. That’s video’s one major advantage over still photography. Great video keeps it moving, feels “alive” and in motion. It doesn’t drag.
  2. It’s packed with information but not too long. Under 2 minutes is best.
  3. The imagery is compelling and, of course, composed and lit correctly.
  4. The sound is excellent, recorded well and presented well.
  5. The music fits the subject. It adds something, but doesn’t intrude.
  6. The editing is quick and engaging, not gimmicky.
  7. The people in the video show passion and authenticity.
  8. It generates an emotional response that leads to action.

Don’t let anybody click it off. Get high-quality, professional video by Mediamax.