6 ways to get better photos of bathrooms for your listings

6 ways to get better photos of bathrooms for your listings

It’s the most intimate room in the house. It’s probably not the first room on any buyer’s list for deal-maker but it could be a deal-spoiler if it shows poorly. I’m talking about the bathroom.

If anything, ugly bathroom photos can work against your listings for more reasons than just bad décor. They can raise red flags in buyers’ minds about the condition of the home. It’s kind of that lipstick-on-a-pig thing. When parts of the house look great and others don’t, buyers might start to wonder what’s under the makeup.

But buyers are also trying to see what a home is all about and that includes the private spaces like bathrooms. The best photos of bathrooms give buyers a sense of size, depth and shape, along with possibility. Is it a room of utility or that spa-like oasis every woman dreams about? Great photos tell the tale. Bad ones don’t. Like this marvelously awful shot featured above. Yes, an agent on realtor.com actually thought this was good enough to post. But even if it were in focus, does it tell you what you want to know about this room? Hardly.

Here are 6 ways to get better photos of bathrooms for your listings:

  1. Make it spotless. Do I really have to explain why? Suffice to say, when the bathroom in the photo is clean, buyers can judge the space, not the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of the owner.
  2. Make it sparkle. Bathrooms typically are spaces full of shiny or reflective surfaces. Photos will look better if those surfaces are clean. Spots on the mirror and the shower door will show.
  3. Remove all personal products. This includes toothbrushes, bars of soap (unless truly decorative and unused), shampoos, razors and anything that touches the body. Also remove the trash can.
  4. Put new light bulbs in all the fixtures and, if possible, make sure all the bulbs are the same kind. One bulb whose light is a different hue (temperature) sticks out and creates an unwanted distraction.
  5. Hang fresh, clean towels. Mismatched towels or dingy or garish colors can be a distraction. When in doubt, just remove them. Take a good look at that shower curtain, too. Replace if it’s old or too bold.
  6. Hire a professional photographer for your listings. Bathrooms can be the most difficult rooms to photograph well. An experienced pro knows how to get a sparkle on all those shiny surfaces, instead of just glare. Pros also know how to compose the shot just right – to capture the essence and appeal of the space, whether large or small.

See what I mean with these examples by Mediamax professionals.

Even smaller bathrooms or those with older décor can photograph well when there’s a pro behind the camera. Order today.