How to create YouTube versions of your tours to maximize online exposure!

In our never ending quest to help our clients maximize their investment in professional listing photography, here’s a GREAT tool that truly helps your listings and you gain better search exposure. There’s really three reasons to re-purpose your virtual tours into YouTube videos:

1. YouTube video versions of your tours rank very high in Google search results.
2. YouTube videos live online for years after the sale and contribute to your online brand and reputation.
3. This is a free feature included with all Mediamax photography shoots and takes minutes to complete.

So, let’s go thru the simple steps to create YouTube videos of your Mediamax virtual tours.

Step 1: Connect your Mediamax tour management account with your YouTube account. This is a quick one-time set up and only requires that you have a YouTube account.  See the screenshots below.

YouTube-Setup copy

YouTube-Setup2 copy

YouTube-Setup4 copy


STEP 2: Once you’ve connected your Mediamax tour account with your YouTube account, the next step is simple.  You just need to click the REQUEST A VIDEO button within the video area for any tour.  Our system till automatically create a video version of your tour and upload that video to your YouTube account.

YouTube-2 copy


Step 3: This isn’t a required step, but it’s a great idea to login to your YouTube account to verify the video is active and edit the title, headline, description and tags associated with your video.  The content of these fields associated with your video is what helps your listing videos rank the best in Google search results and search engine ranking for visibility is your ultimate goal.

YouTubeVideoSetttings1 copy

YouTubeVideoSetttings copy

You should also periodically Google your name and the street address for your listings to see how your YouTube video show up in organic Google search results.  As you create and accumulate listing videos on your YouTube channel you’ll find these very visual results showing up in Google searches when prospective buyers and sellers search your name and for listings.

2016-06-14_1245 copy


We truly hope this tip helps you get a higher return on your investment in Mediamax professional listing photography.