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What’s Wrong With This Picture? How to Avoid the Tragedy of Bad Real Estate Photos

This is the tragedy of bad real estate photography: it doesn’t have to happen. As I continue my occasional series of bad photos I found on, here’s an example of something that’s not horrible but could have been so much better. You see right away, I’m sure, that this photo is too dark and […]

What’s wrong with this picture? Bad photos waste buyers’ time

What's Wrong With This Picture

This photo is so bad it makes me laugh. It’s another in a series of really bad real estate photos I found a while back on Either you’ve gotta chuckle about photos like this – or weep for the poor sellers who entrusted the sale of their home to an agent who just wasn’t trying […]

What’s Wrong with This Picture? More Bad Real Estate Photography

What's Wrong With This Picture

Part 2 in a Series: At Mediamax we photograph more than 1,000 listings a month during our busy season. With so many clients using our services, you’d think everyone in the business gets it. Everybody knows professional photos not only attract buyers’ attention online, they polish your reputation as a real estate professional. Right? Well, […]

What’s Wrong With This Picture? In Search of Really Bad Photography

What's Wrong With This Picture

I went house shopping recently. Not because I’m planning to move but because I wanted to see what kinds of photos home buyers see when they search online. I have to tell you, it’s not pretty. Using, I sampled listings from around the country and quickly found some ugly gems. I actually thought it […]