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Mediamax Photographers Have What it Takes to Deliver Stunning Twilight Photography

Twilight Photography by Mediamax's Jon Eady for Elizabeth Owens, RE/MAX Elite

Twilight Photography is one of the most challenging things real estate photographers do. Any time you’re shooting in low light, you have to know what you’re doing. There’s a fine line between a great image and one that’s just dark. You’d better know the difference. You also have to be ready. You can’t be fiddling […]

Summer Is Here! Using Exteriors To Sell A Home

It’s officially summer here in eastern Colorado and with the heat comes green grass, trees in full bloom and beautiful views.  So how do you use the exterior photos to show off a property’s full potential? We recommend really taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather by adding additional photos of the exterior of the […]

6 ways to get better photos of bedrooms for your listings

6 ways to get better photos of bedrooms for your listings

If the kitchen sells the house, what about the bedrooms? In a previous post I talked about how important professional kitchen photos are to making that great first impression online. But what about the rest of the house? When you pique buyers’ interest with the kitchen, you don’t want to turn them off elsewhere. All […]

3 Reasons Every Real Estate Photograph Should be a Marketing Photograph

3 reasons why every real estate photograph should be a marketing photograph

All real estate photography is marketing photography. I state the obvious here because I think we sometimes lose sight of the forest for the trees. You don’t get listing photos to prove to buyers that the house has rooms, as I’ve said previously. You get listing photos to market the home. I’m even gonna say […]

2015 Photographer Favorites Slideshow and thanks for a great year

2015 Photographer Favorites Slideshow and thanks for a great year!

Wow, what a year! As we look back on 2015, I’m amazed at how busy we’ve been. The hot residential market kept us on our toes, but we also photographed more commercial properties than ever and did more Google Virtual Tours. We introduced our new Mediamax Virtual Tour and we added some new faces to […]

Why Tracy Hulsey switched to the new Mediamax virtual tour platform

Photo by Mediamax's Jon Eady for Tracy Hulsey, RE/MAX Southeast

Tracy Hulsey, RE/MAX Southeast in Castle Rock, was looking for a change. The online platform she’d been using to market her listings for many years didn’t seem to be keeping up with the times. Then Jon Eady, master photographer, told her about the new Mediamax virtual tour platform. “When I looked through the layouts, the […]

Introducing the Immersive Reality Tour by Mediamax

New! Immersive Reality Tour by Mediamax

With most buyers doing their home shopping online these days, it almost goes without saying that you have to market your listings with some form of “virtual” tour. But how do you make sure your tours and, therefore, your listings stand out? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard the latest tips and tricks – and so […]

Kelly Nichols: To Look Good Online, It’s Gotta be HDR

HDR Photography by Jon Eady for RE/MAX's Kelly Nichols

“I always tell people, if you want somebody to date you, you better look good online.” Kelly Nichols with RE/MAX Professionals in Littleton is, of course, talking about selling homes, not matters of the heart. But the metaphor is apt. When you’re trying to attract interest online, presentation is everything. For Nichols, the best way […]

10 things homeowners can do to get better real estate photos

Is your home ready for the photographer

Your real estate agent just called to say a photographer will be coming to photograph your home. For your agent, this is standard marketing procedure. But what does it mean for you? Here are 10 things homeowners can do to get better real estate photos: 1. Think of the photos as a “job interview” for your […]

We’re walking the video walk. See our new video on HDR

HDR Video: Jon Eady with RE/MAX's Kelly Nichols

If you’ve been reading this blog lately or if you caught us at the Colorado Association of Realtors 2014 Convention, you know we’re expanding into Video in a big way. We’re rolling out a whole host of new offerings – from videos to help you market your listings, including aerial videos, to profile videos aimed […]