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Guest Blog: Obeo’s Marci James Helps You Optimize for Mobile

Mobile Local Search Tips from Obeo's Marci James

Have you optimized your real estate business for mobile local search? Here are some useful tips from Marci James, director of marketing at Obeo, to help you make sure prospective clients find you first and fast. Mobile devices index local searches very differently than personal computers, so optimizing your business for mobile local search could […]

Take the Pledge: No More DIY Photos

Take the Pledge: No More DIY Photos Infographic - Why Pro Photos are Better

A blogger on Activerain recently offered “Top 10 Photographic Crimes Agents Commit” and Inman News reposted it twice. I’m afraid the only real “crime” here is agents thinking they can still get by taking their own photos. To put it bluntly, you can’t “get by” anymore. The DIY ship has sailed. With more than 90 […]

Getting Elevated: Are Drones the Next Big Thing?

Land-based Aerial Photography by Mediamax

The buzz around drones is more than just the sound of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) zipping overhead. If you follow Inman News, you’ve seen the recent coverage and you know drones will have their day at the upcoming Real Estate Connect conference. Even the New York Times has taken notice of their “cool factor,” at […]