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Meet Jon Eady, a Master of HDR Art and Technique

Jon Eady, Mediamax Senior Photographer

Jon Eady is one of our most experienced senior photographers, so when he says a shoot is “challenging” you sit up and take notice. Elaine Stucy, owner of Stucy Realty Co. in Castle Rock, recently called him in, as she so often does, to shoot a multimillion-dollar listing for her near Franktown. “HDR was really […]

Stucy Realty Co. Owner Sold on Mediamax Photography

Interior foyer for a Stucy Realty listing by Jon Eady, Mediamax Photography Agency

If you want to know whether photography matters when it comes to selling listings, just ask Elaine Stucy, owner of Stucy Realty Co. in Castle Rock. “I think photography is just hugely important.” And she offers some examples in case you’re still skeptical. One listing she took over hadn’t had a showing in eight weeks. As […]