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Meet Mediamax’s Cheryl Ungar: Experienced Pro, Photo “Geek” and Giver

Mediamax Senior Photographer Cheryl Ungar

Mediamax Senior Photographer Cheryl Ungar says she knew in kindergarten she wanted to be a photographer. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree, she jumped into the business as a professional right out of college, starting out as a photojournalist, and she never looked back. For a good 3 decades and counting, she’s lived her entire professional […]

Tupper Briggs: Professional photographs make the difference

Photo by Mediamax's Matt Swinden shows what professional photography can do for your listing

Does it really matter who takes your listing photographs? “We use a professional photographer on every single listing that we have,” says Tupper Briggs of Evergreen-based Tupper’s Team. Other realtors call his office because their client saw a listing online. “If our listings weren’t appealing, we’d probably lose quite a few of those potential clients,” […]