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Give Your Online Marketing A Boost With Aerial Photography

You’ve probably seen listings online that include the use of aerial photography, or perhaps used it yourself on a listing here and there. But you may still be wondering what listings benefit the most from this unique viewpoint. The short answer is that any listing can benefit from using aerial photography for one simple reason. […]

5 other reasons to use Aerial Photography by Mediamax

5 other reasons to use Aerial Photography by Mediamax

Think Aerial Photography is just for showing off your listing’s stunning mountain backdrop? Think again. That’s only one way Aerial can help your listing stand out online. The fact is Aerial Photography is more than just a pretty face. It can help you show buyers features that photos taken from the ground simply can’t capture. […]

Mediamax Aerial Photography helps buyers visualize your land listings

Should you have professional photos taken for your land listings? At first glance, the answer seems obvious. Land is land. There’s not much to show. A snapshot will do. But there’s another way to think about it. To land buyers, setting and backdrop are at least as important as they are to home buyers and […]