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You shouldn’t need a NAR report to figure out the features home buyers ranked as ‘most useful’ while searching for their next new home online.  As you might imagine, visual content has always ranked very high on the list of features buyers are looking for when searching for homes to buy.  So, as we move into a somewhat uncertain 2023 real estate market, now is NOT the time to question your investment in professional photography, 3D tours, walk through videos, floor plans, aerial photography, aerial video and single property sites to market your next new listing in the coming year!

Ask any potential home buyer what’s most useful and important when searching for their next new home online and high quality listing photos will ALWAYS be at the top of their list!  Buyers will spend anywhere from three months to as long as a year beginning their search online before ever contacting a real estate agent.  So, in our shifting real estate market NOW is the time to invest in as much visual content as is practically possible to attract the attention of online home buyers.  Here at Mediamax we’ve noticed more and more of our clients expanding their visual marketing efforts by using more than just our photography service.

Over the past three to five years we’ve seen exponential growth in all the add-on visual content we offer to help engage online buyers with 3D Tours, Floor Plans, Walk Through Videos and Aerial services.  Agents are looking for ways to satisfy the demand from sellers for a variety of visual content AND also engage buyers with content that helps create an emotional bond with their listings.  Buyers who become emotionally attached to a home while shopping online will often times make higher offers and close quicker to ensure they don’t loose the new home they’ve fallen in love with!

In our effort to reward our clients and help encourage more than just our high quality photography to market their listings, we’re super excited to announce six ways our clients can save while taking advantage of the most useful visual content to engage buyers while marketing their listings.  Check out our new 2023 Special Promotions Page and we truly hope the discounted add-on services are a key contributor to the quick sale of your next new listing this year!

For those of you who really do find reports useful to re-enforce what you instinctively already know about the value of visual content to market listings, below is the section of the 2022 NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report that verifies the importance of photography, floor plans, virtual tours and video as some of the most useful features for buyers shopping online.

NAR 2022 Generational Trends Report - Most Useful Online Features Statistics



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