So, You Ordered a Video by Mediamax. Now What?

Our Supervising Producer guides you through the entire process.
Relax, you don’t have to be a video production expert. That’s our job. Our Supervising Producer
has your back and is here to coordinate every step along the way.

First, we gather some information.
Our Supervising Producer works with you to understand the goals of your video, the audience that
you’re making it for and how we can best distribute it for the purposes that you intend. This
might be by phone or, if needed, she’ll schedule a face-to-face meeting to tour your location.
Some projects might require a “scout” with the videographer included. Our Supervising Producer
will advise you and coordinate that, if needed.

We schedule the shoot for a time that works for you.
The amount of time needed for the shoot depends on the scope of the project.  We’ll handle
coordinating our video crew. We ask that you work with your staff and/or customers, so they’re
ready when we say, “Action!”

Preparing for the shoot is easy and straightforward.
You don’t have to memorize any lines or move any mountains. All you have to do is make sure your
location – your office, your business, etc.  – looks the way you want it to be shown on camera.
In other words, make sure it looks the way you want viewers to see it. Please be “ready for
camera” before our crew arrives.

What to wear, what not to wear
Everyone who’s going to be on camera should stick to solid colors. Try to avoid all-white, stripes
or checked patterns. Have people wear what you want them to wear in order to present your business
the way you want people to see it.

The crew’s here. What do I do?
Count on our crew to arrive on time. While the Videographer sets up, it’s the Supervising Producer’s
job to go over with you what’s going to happen and make sure you’re settled and comfortable.
Think of yourself as “the talent” – it’s the producer’s job to direct all the activity. She’ll
ask the questions, you just need to be yourself and answer naturally.

But I’ve never been on camera before.
Don’t panic. Our experts are here to take care of the production for you. Your job – your only
job! – is to speak with energy and enthusiasm about yourself and your business.

Did somebody mention enthusiasm?
You know your business and you’re excited about what you do – so don’t hold back. We’ll be
selecting the very best material from everything we shoot to create a truly engaging video
that showcases your business to a tee.

After the shoot, we work our magic.
Once it’s a wrap, you can relax. It’s time for our Editor to get to work. Here’s where your 
story really comes together, as the Editor creates that winning final video that meets your
goals and makes your business attractive to customers.

Video done. Time for your thumb’s up.
Our Supervising Producer lets you know as soon as your video is ready and shares a private
link where you can view it. Our process includes one minor revision. Additional or more
extensive revisions will  require an additional quote.

Video approved. Cue the audience.
As soon as you’ve approved your video, we’ll provide you with links, coding or hosting
instructions as agreed upon in the original quote. Now, it’s time to start spreading the
word that you’ve got a video.

Our video production process is designed with you in mind. We’ve made it simple,
professional and personal, so you can be confident in the results and at ease as we work
together to make it happen.

Every video project is different because every business is different. We customize each
video we do based on the goals and needs of each client and that’s as it should be. Your
video should be as uniquely yours as your business is.

Above all, we see this as a collaborative process. Our job is to deliver video that best
reflects your goals and tells your story most completely. Your vision combined with our video
expertise – that’s what makes it all happen.