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What is a Google Virtual Tour?

It’s a 360-degree panoramic tour of your business that’s available 24/7. It allows your customers to see inside your business from their computer, tablet or smartphone. It’s based on Google’s revolutionary “Street View” technology that you may have seen on Google Maps, but these tours take viewers beyond the street . It takes them inside your business – virtually. In fact, it’s a series of high quality, professional photos stitched together into one seamless, navigable view. Click here to see some examples. Click here for even more information from Google.

What does a Google Virtual Tour do for my business?

Your Virtual Tour enhances your listing in Google Search results, on Google Maps and on Google + Local. You can embed it on your website and link to it on social media. It’s a great way to showcase your décor, ambience and the unique qualities of your business.  It helps your business stand out from the crowd. It goes beyond just advertising what’s unique and special about your business. It let’s you share it with the world.

Why can’t I take my own photographs for this?

Trusted Photographers are trained and certified by Google to take high-quality, professional photographs using special equipment. They have to meet rigorous guidelines required by Google’s technology and the photos have to pass muster for Google’s  high quality standards. They’re specialists in architectural photography and know how to get the best shots even in challenging lighting conditions. Google Trusted Photographers make considerable investments in equipment, such as specialized lenses, and in training time to do this work.

How much does it cost?

We have packages starting at $599 for a Virtual Tour plus 15 premium HDR photos. Contact our sales representative for a personalized quote. Keep in mind, the tour and still photography can be used in multiple ways. We also offer reshoots if you remodel in the future.

Where does my Google Virtual Tour appear?

 Once the photo shoot’s complete and the images are processed, your Google Virtual Tour appears in

  • Google Search
  • Google Maps
  • Google + Local
  • Embed it on your Web site
  • Link it on social media
  • Link it on blog posts
  • Insert a link in your email signature

How long does the photo shoot take?

Our trained and certified photographers can get the photographs taken in less than an hour.  They can work during normal business hours, and they won’t disrupt your operations. Google’s technology automatically blurs faces of anyone who appears in the shots, so you can go on with your business. Processing and quality check takes as little as 24 hours, so your tour can be viewable almost instantly.

What does “embed” on my website mean? Can you help me with that?

“Embed” means information in the form of computer code is placed on your website. Technical stuff.  If you have a web developer, all they need is the code and direction from you on where you want it to appear. If you don’t and need help placing this, count on us. Click here to contact us for more information.

How do you deliver the extra still photos that come with the tour package?

 We’ll send you a link to these high-quality files that you can download and use in any way you like – on your Google + page, on your website and social media, in brochures, you name it.

Is Mediamax part of Google?

No. We are independent contractors, trained and certified by Google through its Trusted Photographer program. We are not employed by Google, agents of Google or affiliated with Google in any way. Google has certified us because we meet Google’s standards of quality for taking the feature pictures and panoramic pictures, uploading them, moderating them and eventually publishing them on Google properties.

Who is Mediamax?

Mediamax Photography Agency is a local commercial photography and video production company that helps businesses showcase their retail spaces, offices and facilities with exceptional visual imagery. We partner with leading Internet syndication channels, like Google, to put eyeballs on your visual content and drive traffic to your web site for measurable results.  For more than a decade, we’ve created stunning photos, videos and virtual tours of 80,000+ homes in Colorado.