Exceptional Visual Imagery, Measurable Online Results

So, what do we mean by exceptional visual imagery, measurable online results?  More importantly, how do exceptional images and measurable results benefit you?

Well, this might be obvious,  but the visual imagery we’re referring to is digitally produced photography and video; and not just your run-of-the-mill pictures and video, we’re talking about truly jaw dropping images that make people stop and stare.  That pretty much covers what we mean by ‘Exceptional Visual Imagery’ . . . but check out this gallery of work if you’re still not convinced our imagery is truly exceptional. 

Regarding ‘Measurable Online Results’, what we’ve found is that many of our clients don’t just want our exceptional images sent to them via email.  They want help making sure they get the most from their visual imagery investment.  Now, our pictures are definitely used offline in a wide variety of  ways via print and DVD distribution, but we can’t always measure the impact of offline usage.  What we can measure is content views and usage across the web via our distribution partners.  Content distribution via our strategic partnerships with Obeo and Google is key Mediamax differentiator.

It’s the powerful combination of jaw dropping visual content, strategically distributed across the web with measured results via Obeo and Google analytics that makes makes Mediamax services so valuable and benefits our clients.