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For Cami Rosine, photographing real estate isn’t just a way to capture a space, it’s an opportunity to create a mood. And the mood she prefers is happy and carefree. This works well for marketing homes, because the goal is to convey a property as warm and inviting, and to entice people to want to see it in person.

Cami has been a photographer with Mediamax for over four years, and what her clients love about her is her laid back approach to her work. Cami says, “Moving can be stressful. I’ve been there. What people need in this situation is a helpful person, so I like to help when I can.” She feels it’s her job to help them sell their home, and usually that just means a little encouragement. She says, “Sometimes when I can tell someone has put in a lot of effort getting their home ready for pictures, I try to remember to compliment their work and what they’ve done to get things ready.  Just that little bit of encouragement can really put people at ease and assure them that I am on their team.”

Photo by Cami Rosine

Cami has always preferred using natural elements combined with bright colors and bright lighting to bring out the best in her subjects. Real estate photography is flexible in this way and gives her the opportunity to use her camera and flash to capture any space she is working with.

She says, “I have a photojournalistic approach to my photos. Photos of the home are important because you want to picture yourself in that house and ask yourself, “Can you be happy there?” If it makes you feel good inside, that is what will help sell the house.”

She also appreciates the artistry that goes into the process. She says, “Capturing the mood of a house is important too.” For example, you want to accurately show a dark theatre room, but you can shoot the room in a way that keeps the character of the room and still makes it welcoming. Those are the artistic challenges she likes figuring out every day.

Photo by Cami Rosine

While Cami generally considers herself a shy person, she says shooting real estate has helped her come out of her shell, and she enjoys getting to meet new people every day and hear about their different life experiences. She says this lifestyle fits her perfectly, because every day she gets to meet new people and be a part of an exciting transition in their lives. She recalls meeting Mediamax founder/owner Mark Schow four years ago. “From the beginning Mark was friendly, engaged, and genuinely interested in my story, and I like to carry that genuine interest and respect for people into the field every day that I’m out shooting.”

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