With Houses Selling Fast, Focusing On Your Long-Term Strategy

There’s no denying the Denver market is hot. We’ve heard from alot of you that, in some cases, houses are selling as soon as you’ve listed and posted photos (or even before!). While this undoubtedly means the summer will be busy (and as we all know, busy is good), we also know that the market never stays the same. During the good times, are you remembering to invest time in your long term marketing strategy?

Recently, we’ve been encouraging agents to get creative with their marketing strategies, through Listing Videos that not only tell a great story of a property, but give agents a great opportunity to present themselves to potential clients. These videos are a great way to begin building an online library of videos, build up your YouTube channel, or just have an alternative to your basic headshot and give people a look into your personality.

Another great way to build your portfolio for the slow times is to invest in specialized photography services like twilights or floor plans. There’s no better way to show people what is in your arsenal than showing them what you have done for your past clients. Adding one of these services lets them know you won’t just be doing the minimum to get their house sold, and present yourself as a leader in your space.

Photography by Jon Eady

No matter how long you’ve been in the real estate industry, there is always new business to be won, and those people will most likely be finding you online. Make sure you are taking each opportunity to build your portfolio during the busy times, so you’re prepared for the slow ones.