What’s Wrong With This Picture? In Search of Really Bad Photography

What's Wrong With This Picture

I went house shopping recently. Not because I’m planning to move but because I wanted to see what kinds of photos home buyers see when they search online.

I have to tell you, it’s not pretty.

Using realtor.com, I sampled listings from around the country and quickly found some ugly gems. I actually thought it would be harder than that, but it was all too easy.

Maybe in Colorado realtors “get it” about professional photos. But I’m afraid there are plenty of folks out there who still haven’t gotten the memo.

My nominee for “Really Bad Dining Room Photo” comes from Dexter, Mich.:

Really Bad Dining Room Photo

 What’s wrong with this picture?

  • The windows are “blown out.” In other words, they’re much too bright. (Kind of make your eyes hurt, in fact.)
  • The rest of the room is too dark. (Might be a nice room but it’s hard to tell.)
  • There are reflections where you don’t want them – in the artwork on the walls.
  • Instead of a little reflection on the table to give it shine, it’s overwhelming.
  • The composition isn’t too bad but do buyers really need to see part of a potted plant?

Although I can’t give you an apples-to-apples comparison, here’s how dining rooms should be showcased, as shot by the pros at Mediamax:

Ahhh, isn’t that better? Excellent photos aren’t just great looking. They show off your seller’s home at its very best. When your listing photos are Mediamax photos, your sellers know they’ve picked the right realtor to market their home.

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