Wait’ll You See Obeo’s New HTML 5 Property Website

Check out the new HTML 5 Property Website from Obeo

The new HTML 5 Property Website from Obeo is going to knock your socks off.

For starters, it’s optimized for mobile, so buyers can view your tours on any mobile device, including iPads and tablets. Plus, it’s fully functional on all devices, so buyers will have the same immersive, virtual tour experience no matter how they view it. It’s also touch-screen friendly, making it easy to navigate through tours and tour features on any touch-screen device.

Now, don’t get hung up on this technical term “HTML 5.” It just means your tours are going to look better than ever. Still photos, videos and 360-degree panoramas will now play in sequence within the tour and at full screen. Watch the demo below and you’ll see what I’m talking about. 

Obeo’s new HTML 5 Property Website has a clean, new look. It loads faster, and it provides you with better-than-ever SEO, with features like automatic  Geo Tags for your YouTube videos.

Mediamax and Obeo are always looking for ways to make the consumer experience meaningful, easy and simple. Our goal is to help you sell your listings. I think an easy-to-navigate viewer with large, full-screen photos that is completely mobile friendly is the best way to captivate buyers and hold their attention.

Am I’m just a little bit excited about Obeo’s new HTML 5 Property Website?  You bet. When you see everything it has to offer, I think you will be, too. Upgrade today.