The Brush and Comb MAX-imizes its online visibility

The Brush & Comb

Nestled among the restaurants and artsy shops in Denver’s Berkeley District, The Brush and Comb is more than just another neighborhood hair salon. For starters there’s the comfortable front porch beckoning passersby to stay awhile. Inside, there’s plenty to tempt you among the boutique offerings and constantly changing art on the walls.          

As the website puts it, you go to most salons for a cut, but you go to The Brush and Comb for “an amazing experience.”

Owners Donna Maes, Candi Mullis and Tiffany Beach recently decided to let the world in on their gem of a place, when they had Mediamax photograph a Google Virtual Tour of it.

Click & drag the image below to take a tour of The Brush & Comb salon.

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“We decided it would be a great idea,” says Maes. They get a lot of customers from the neighborhood, of course, but a Virtual Tour allows people anywhere “to see what our place looks like.”

The 3-year-old salon hasn’t done much advertising beyond a website, says Maes. They’ve tried Yelp and a few promotions, including coupon books.  But being able to really show people around – virtually – appealed to them.

How did the photo shoot go?

“It absolutely was smooth,” Maes says. Even with clients on hand, it went seamlessly.

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